Our Mission

We aim to nurture socially adept, confident, independent learners ready for Kindergarten and beyond.

We do this by:

  • Knowing our community and its needs.
  • Maintaining positive communication with local Kindergarten teachers.
  • Observing preschool and Kindergarten classrooms in action.
  • Continuing our own education in our field.
  • Consistently fostering a safe, nurturing environment for exploration, growth, and learning for our students.
  • Expecting each student to progress while respecting each student's developmental pace.
  • Meeting each student's progress with appropriate new challenges and stimuli.


Our Philosophy of Learning

We believe children learn best through play and hands-on experience.  We put this philosophy into practice by:

  • Asking open-ended questions to invite and encourage exploration, imagination, and creativity.
  • Providing both group and individual learning opportunities.
  • Providing opportunities for children to learn to be positive, contributing members of a group.
  • Providing skills and tools to allow them to resolve their own conflicts.
  • Promoting emotional development by modeling acceptable expressive language and behavior.
  • Promoting their own self-help skills by encouraging them to do things for themselves when developmentally appropriate. 

To enhance a child's self-esteem, she/he is offered choices. We want children to have time to explore, question, and learn how to think for themselves.